Based in Toronto, Canada, Raquel Palis and Paulo Ramos are the Forevermore. Their work combines paintings, augmented objects and sounds, expanding the static bi-dimensional physical state of lines, colors, and shades to a tri-dimensional kinetic representation, exploring unforeseen movements and sounds with augmented reality practice. Sometimes minimalist and hypnotic, sometimes a shocking extravaganza of textures and sounds, the computer graphics generated images resembles a surreal world.


Paulo absorbs the essence of Raquel’s mosaic of events-based emotions and memories expressed in the paintings, and drift himself through contemplation and reflection, then builds his own imagetic interpretation of the Raquel’s artworks. They do it exhaustively, exploiting the digital inevitability, creating connections between each one’s imaginary through art and technology. They’re motivated to improve the viewer’s outlook on a questionable and surreal world, beyond the virtual objects existence. The works expose the discrepancy between the real and the virtual by fusing these divergent universes on art expression form. The forevermore artworks immediately arouse the viewer’s interests and surprisingly turns into an explosion of sublime-emotions once these worlds are displayed to the viewer.



They developed together a range of experimental augmented reality works from indoors large format murals to a movable itinerant mural and object transformations. Raquel has been producing traditional art for 2 years uninterrupted and also created and developed temporary installations for fashion brands and agencies for 7years before the FRM formation.



The Artmented app, used to display the augmented reality artworks, is under constant evolution once new artworks are finished. Paulo is working on the assemblage of delicate sculptures combining acrylic on 3D printed materials and augmented reality. Raquel continues producing a series of acrylic paintings and experiments that recalls the artist’s questions, feelings and how to perpetuate ephemeral moments with the augmented reality practice.



They’re developing ideas on how to embrace big audiences in large public spaces with augmented reality, transforming the cities where the project comes to life. They’re also very interested in go deep on creating a dialog between video installations and augmented reality.

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