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Yeah, August is being crazy so far! And we love it!

August 19,  we have a pleasure to Exhibit (for free) our newest 6ft x 6ft Augmented art Piece, the first Street Art mixed with Augmented Reality in CANADA! Yes, it’s exactly what you read, the piece is totally interactive with 3D graphics. And this event is so remarkable to us that we decide to throw a celebration during the exhibit at the local festival Figment – TO.
The piece is a surrealist painting which stands for woman freedom.
The site does not confirm yet but stays tuned in our social medias Facebook and Instagram to know every thing!

Art Mural: Raquel Palis (Forevermore)
Digital art: Paulo Ramos (Forevermore)

Additional collaborators: Alle Manzano and Tarek Mahammed

Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at our promo presentation on Big on Bloor 2017 – Figment Stage


We’re more than glad to announce our new partnership with Eye Jack and our house partner HOVR We created an animated Mural featured at the Exhibition Prosthetic art at Hose of Vr – Toronto from August 1 to August 15!

We did a digital intervention over Steph’s Payne (Forevermore member) paint. The digital art created by Paulo Ramos ( digital artist Forevermore) it’s incorporated into the Eye Jack app!
The Exhibition is so far a Vanguard of emergent technologies and art in Canada and is being an incredible experience being part of all of this!

Tks for all folks involved.

You must check this out!