We are so excited to showcase in Art rooms 2018 our Mixed Media Illustrations series animated with Augmented Reality.

Introducing to you Tessego.

Soon available in our app on IOS and Android


We are so thrilled to officially announce our first exhibition in London –  UK – 2018  January on Artrooms art fair taking a place on the first floor of Melia White House – Regents Park together with 70 artists from several countries.

Huge thanks to Artrooms jury for choosing us, and also family, friends, supporters and followers. We can’t wait to achieve this maze!! 


Stay tuned News soon!

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We are on tour with Mermaid’s Lunch!

We’d love to say THANK YOU! for everyone who stopped by House of VR on Nuit Blanche last September 30 and interacts with our huge panel animated with AR.
If you couldn’t see it you still have a chance!

>Just Download the app here<
And go check it at HOVR.

Art Mural: Raquel Palis (Forevermore)
Digital art: Paulo Ramos (Forevermore)

Additional collaborators: Alle Manzano and Tarek Mahammed
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August 19,  we have a pleasure to Exhibit (for free) our newest 6ft x 6ft Augmented art Piece, the first Street Art mixed with Augmented Reality in CANADA! Yes, it’s exactly what you read, the piece is totally interactive with 3D graphics. And this event is so remarkable to us that we decide to throw a celebration during the exhibit at the local festival Figment – TO.

The piece is a surrealist painting titled Mermaid’s Lunch stands for woman freedom.
Taking place on Dufferin Park August 19.

Art Mural: Raquel Palis (Forevermore)
Digital art: Paulo Ramos (Forevermore)

Additional collaborators: Alle Manzano and Tarek Mahammed

Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at our APP  just download in your device, open it and point your camera towards the image above featured!

Conexion Australia x Toronto.

We are so proud to have shared the stage at House of VR, with artists from all over the world in Prosthetic Reality.  It was terrific so far.
Thank you for our partners and members who did a great one!

”Making physical art come to life in real-time!

During the first two weeks of August, House of VR will be featuring an interactive showcase from the viral hit art book, Prosthetic Reality. Utilizing cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology, the experiences showcase the future of art by allowing viewers to digitally interact with the physical artwork.”
– House of VR

“This collection is both a showcase of the art form and a historical document that captures the first wave of augmented reality artists”

SUTU, Artist/ Founder of EyeJack



Stephanie Payne art muralist / Digital Artist Paulo Ramos